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– If we start with the school’s name: what is the difference between University-College and university?

University colleges represent a new model for postsecondary education, combining practical vocational programs with more theoretical offerings. University-Colleges like Malaspina offer a range of programs that include four year academic degrees in addition to one and two year academic certificates and Diplomas as well as one and two year vocational programs. University-Colleges can also offer some Post Graduate Programs such as our MBA and Advanced Diploma in Geographic Information Systems.

Universities only offer 4 year academic Degrees and Post Graduate Degrees.

– Where is Malaspina UC located and how can we get there? Is there an airport in Nanaimo?

Malaspina UC is located in Nanaimo, British Columbia on the West Coast of Canada. There are a few options to get to and from Nanaimo. The first is to fly into the Nanaimo Airport from Vancouver International Airport which only takes 15 minutes! The other option is to take a ferry. The Harbourlynx fast ferry takes 80 minutes and leaves from Downtown Vancouver and arrives in Downtown Nanaimo. The other ferry is the BC ferry which is larger and also takes cars. This trip takes 90 minutes and leaves from Horseshoe bay just north of Vancouver and arrives close to downtown Nanaimo in Departure bay. Finally Students can take the seaplane from either downtown Vancouver or from Vancouver International Airport. This option costs the most money but is well worth the experience!


– We know that Vancouver area has temperate climate comparing the other parts of Canada. What about weather conditions in Nanaimo?

Average temperatures in Nanaimo are almost identical to Vancouver. In the winter the temperature rarely goes below 0 but stays around 5-10 degrees Celsius. In the summer the temperature stays around 24-32 degrees Celsius. Nanaimo rarely gets snow but it does rain in the winter. That being said we receive less rain in the winter than Vancouver does.

– How many international students are studying in Malaspina and what is their proportion to total population of the school? And what about Turkish students?
At Malaspina we have close to 10,000 students. Of these approximately 1000 students are International Students from over 40 countries. The exact number of Turkish students varies every semester. Currently we have 23 students from Turkey.

– Do you offer any scholarships? If so what are the criteria?

We do offer scholarships to International Students after they have studied at Malaspina for at least one semester. While there is a scholarship for ESL students entering Academic classes the rest of our Scholarships are for students studying in Undergraduate programs. Students are automatically eligible for a scholarship when they are registered for academic classes. Scholarships are awarded to students with the highest grades. There are also two Scholarships that are for students who maintain high GPA’s while being active in the School community.

– Where do Malaspina students live? Could you inform us about accommodation options, estimated living expenses in Nanaimo?

Students have several options available to them when they come to live in Nanaimo:
The first is Homestay/Peerstay Malaspina has a Homestay Department that assists students with the adjustment of living and studying in Canada. All new students attend an extensive orientation session before start of classes. The Homestay Manager will arrange for changes in Homestay, if necessary.

A second option is Student Residence Our on-campus residence village is located near the heart of the campus, close to classrooms, cafeterias, gymnasium, library, bookstore, and the Centre for International Education. The 389 spaces offer a mix of accommodation choices from single private rooms with semi-private bathroom to 4 bedroom apartments. Rooms are wired for telephone, cable television, and Internet access. There are specially-designed suites for students with disabilities.

Of course there is also Off-Campus Housing. There are many different types of apartments, room and board, and shared housing opportunities in Nanaimo. Students can find an apartment on arrival in Nanaimo; they may want to stay in homestay or peerstay for their first month while they look for an apartment.
Students should budget at least $10,000 Canadian Dollars for one year of study.
(Follow the links to our website for more details and up to date costs)

– What are the academic and language requirements to be accepted to Malaspina University-College?

ESL: Graduation from High School and some previous education in English

Undergraduate: Graduation from High School, TOEFL 550, CBT 215, IELTS 6

Graduate: TOEFL 550, CBT215, IELTS 6
Minimum B in the last two years of Undergraduate degree.
Work Experience Preferred but not required

– Malaspina University-College offers ESL courses as well. If the prospective students finish ESL program at your school do they need to write TOEFL/IELTS?


We thank you for your answers and time.

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