Art & Design Programs – Nottingham Trent Univ.

‘Okullar Konuşuyor’ bölümümüzün son konuğu Nottingham Trent Üniversitesi’nin Art & Design bölümü. Hannah Lewis ve Laura Vella’ya katkılarından dolayı teşekkür ederiz.



Art and Design

1. For the entry requirements on many of the MA courses in Art and Design at NTU we have to prepare examples of our work; what advice can you give us on how best to present our work? What kind of things are you looking for?

It very much depends on the course you are applying for, but generally your work must be:

· Underpinned by a concept that you are exploring

· Show development of one or several ideas

· Presented in a way you think is appropriate

· Accompanied with sketchbooks showing development and thought processes

· A range of your skills, ideas and interests

· The use of different media, colour and texture if applicable
2. Similarly, for many of the MA courses we are asked to prepare a ‘project proposal’; could you give us some advice on how to structure that, and what kind of things you are looking for in a good proposal?
It should be 500 words long and include:
· The title of your research project (for example, “An investigation into the changes within the textile industry in the East Midlands”)
· Your specific area of interest or specialism within your chosen Masters degree
· A project brief which outlines your aims (why you want to research within that area and what you are hoping to achieve, etc) and your objectives (how you will practically undertake your research)
· The relevant qualifications or professional work experience you have
· An explanation of how your proposal relates to your existing study or work experience (if applicable)
· Your audience for your completed MA work (for example, your current or future employer, publishers, suppliers, customers, to inform further study, etc)
· The resources you will require
You can also download an example of a completed project proposal


3. We notice that the English language requirements for courses in Art and Design are a little lower than for other courses at the University; why is this?
Many of our MAs are creative courses, where the individual’s vision, skill and visual language are more important than written and spoken English. The close relationships that students have with members of staff, tutors and other students from around the world means that language development occurs naturally and in a more rounded way than standardised English language tests can demonstrate.
4. If we do not have the right English language level, we notice that you have a ‘Language and Culture Bridging programme’ for Art and Design students; how is that different to a normal pre-sessional course, and what are the fees for it?
This course is specifically tailored for students coming in the School of Art and Design at MA level and includes supervision in individual subjects as well as English Language. This aims to best prepare students for Art and Design courses specifically. The cost last year was £2800 and we do not expect the 2011 fee to be in the region of this amount


5. What makes studying a Postgraduate Course in the School of Art and Design at NTU different to other UK Institutions?
The MA courses at A&D at NTU are founded on a supportive community which does not exist elsewhere. As well as being on a course, students are also part of the entire MA group and mix together on collaborative projects, and through a shared group of research modules and industry guest lectures. Students work closely with an allocated supervisor who works with them to achieve their potential and get what they want from their time at NTU. Live projects with companies can be tailored to meet student needs and give them exposure to what their chosen industry is all about, first hand.
6. How much money would we need to bring to cover the costs of materials needed on Art and Design courses, or are these provided free of charge?
For all courses the basic materials needed are covered by the School of Art and Design, including cutting edge studio equipment, machines and computing. However, some students may need to invest in specialist materials. The cost of these depends on what the student chooses to work with, but usually studying an art and design course will cost no more than any other course at NTU.
7. Will we be given the opportunity to showcase our work during our time at the University.
Yes – every year there are degree shows which showcase all the fabulous work students create over their time in the School, and book full of the work from each course is also published. This is true for undergraduate and postgraduate students. There are also regular initiatives and competitions (regional, national and international) that students can enter to showcase their talents, such as UK Young Artists and Graduate Fashion Week.